How does the vocal command of the wind 'Almaz

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How does the vocal command of the wind 'Almaz

How does the vocal command of the wind 'Almaz

SGMW Motor Indonesia (Wuling) has not stopped breaking into the auto sector in the country. This representative Chinese brand has launched four models in two years and has just introduced a new technology that no other car in Indonesia has ever had, namely the Indonesian voice command system.

The voice command system is common in the country's cars, but it is mainly used in English.

The system on Wuling, which is only available on Almaz, is specifically designed to use only Indonesian.

This voice command system is called Wuling Indonesian Command (Wind). Product Planning Wuling Indonesia Danang Wiratmoko said the system uses the technology of a US voice control software company called Nuance.

In the Wind system, a voice command will be detected by the microphone located in the upper instrument panel near the central mirror and by the opening and closing button of the sunroof. This position allows all passengers to decide, even in the third row if the cabin is quiet enough.

Wind does not only take commands, it also communicates in both directions in a simple way. Open the easiest conversation by saying "Hello Wuling" at any time in the cabin, as long as the CPU is turned on and Wind is turned on.

Hello is an abbreviation of Human Assistant Life Order.

Once the welcome message is detected, Wind, who has a female voice, will answer with "Hello". After this response, passengers can start steering by voice, such as "open the sunroof," "turn down the temperature to 25 degrees," "call the woman," "the next song," and "open the window." pilot window).

Typically, Wind voice commands include climate control systems, entertainment systems, windows, sunroofs, phone connectivity, time instructions, and other applications.

The wind is not only functional, but can also be a light entertainment in the cabin during the trip. The funny thing is that, in a noisy cabin or too many voice commands from the passengers, the wind can say, "I'm confused".

In addition to the 'Hello Wuling' message, there are two other ways to communicate: press the button on the main unit or the steering wheel button. Both of these methods can be selected for the driver for easy access to voice commands.

Software update

Wind is a feature available on the Almaz variant of seven passengers, although the owner who bought a five-passenger variant can also install this new technology. You do this by installing a software update.

Updates do not require physical changes or the addition of accessories. The microphone that forms the basis of Wind is currently available on the five-passenger variant used for telephone connectivity.
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