Bill Gates does recognition, can not match Android

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Bill Gates does recognition, can not match Android

Bill Gates does recognition, can not match Android

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has revealed that the biggest mistake the company made was not to live up to the dominance of the Android operating system. He reported on this during an interview with Global Village Risk Company on Thursday, June 20th.

"So, the big mistake that was made is the management error I caused, preventing Microsoft from looking like Android, in other words, Android is a standard non-Apple operating system," said Gates. .

"At that time, there was room for an operating system other than Apple, which reached $ 400 billion," he continued.

Google acquired Android in 2005 for a value of $ 50 million. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt acknowledged that Google's initial goal at the time was to defeat Microsoft's efforts for Windows Mobile devices.

After the recognition of Gates, many people have assumed that Microsoft's missed cell phone opportunity was a mistake of the era of Steve Ballmer who had held the position of Microsoft CEO for the period 2000-2014.

Ballmer had laughed at Apple and called the iPhone the world's most expensive mobile phone and had no appeal to business customers because it did not have a touch-tone phone or touchscreen.

Gates again admitted that Ballmer's actions were Microsoft's first cell phone mistake. The company has spent months debating internally whether Microsoft should cancel its efforts on Windows Mobile.

As a result, Microsoft held an emergency meeting in December 2008 to cancel and reset Windows Mobile to become a Windows Phone.

The 63-year-old resigned as CEO of Microsoft in 2000 and assumed the role of Chief Software Architect. Eight years ago, he became CEO of Microsoft before finally being replaced by Satya Nadella in 2014.

"It's amazing to me that this was the biggest mistake of all time [...] Our other assets, such as Windows and Office, are still very powerful," said Gates, quoted by The Verge.

According to Phone Arena, Windows Phone was launched in January 2010 to replace Windows Mobile and was used to strengthen the ranks of Nokia Lumia smartphones.

However, vendors failed to integrate Microsoft's operating system to support Windows Phone phones. Many customers consider that they must continue to use iOS or Android to manage applications on their mobile phones.

In 2013, Microsoft finally purchased Nokia equipment and services worth more than $ 7 billion. The company launched its own Lumia device, but sales continued to deteriorate.
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