Spend a weekend with sleep makes you fat

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Spend a weekend with sleep makes you fat

Spend a weekend with sleep makes you fat

Fill your weekend with something useful. Do not sleep just because you're tired of working for a week.

Recent research shows that sleeping on weekends is not good for your health. Sleeping on weekends can make the stomach worse. The study, published in the journal Current Biology, showed that sleeping on weekends could lead to increased body weight.

The researchers analyzed the sleep of 36 men and women in three groups for 10 days. All are people who have no health problems or newborns who can affect the quality of their sleep.

The first group had the opportunity to sleep nine hours a night. The second group is limited to five hours a night. While the third group sleeps up to five hours from Monday to Friday, it is allowed to sleep as long as they wish on weekends and sleep as early as Saturday night.

As a result, the researchers found that the two sleep-deprived groups consumed more snacks after dinner. Their weight is also increasing, there are more men than women.

The group of men who slept less showed an increase in their body weight of 2.8%, while women gained weight by 1.1%.

While men who slept on weekends had a weight gain of 3% and women, 0.05%.

In addition to increasing weight, sleeping on weekends is also associated with a disruption in the body's ability to regulate blood sugar levels. People who sleep on weekends have increased sensitivity to insulin, which increases their risk of diabetes.

"Sleeping on weekends is not a protection, the purpose of this study is that if you sleep on the weekend and your sleep habits are bad, you will eat too much, your weight will continue to increase," said the Director of Sleep Research at Johns Hopkins University, Vsevolod Polotsky, quoted by CNN.

Polotsky believes that weight gain is due to the influence of hunger hormones caused by chronic lack of sleep.

"Leptin hormone reduces appetite, while hormone ghrelin increases appetite." We learned from previous studies that lack of sleep causes lowering of leptin and increased ghrelin, so you are hungry "said Polotsky.
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