Explain the power of super captain Marvel through science

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Explain the power of super captain Marvel through science

Explain the power of super captain Marvel through science

The new captain of the Avengers, Captain Marvel, has extraordinary abilities. Alone, it could destroy a ship belonging to Thanos that could even travel quickly between galaxies.

This skill is shown by Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, in the last three films of Marvel Cinematic. He even saved Iron Man as he swayed in space.

Then, when Nick Fury made an emergency call, Captain Marvel, who patrolled the universe, was able to quickly reach the Earth.

According to the physics of the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), Husin Alatas has attempted to explain in scientific terms the ability of Captain Marvel to move very quickly from one place to another. Husin first explained the galaxy closest to the Milky Way.

"He said Captain Marvel was patrolling another galaxy, the closest galaxy to Andromeda, Andromeda is 2.5 million light years away," said Husin in a discussion on "The science behind avenger at the National Library of Jakarta, Tuesday (14/5). ).

According to him, Captain Marvel's ability is tied to the theory of the Einsten-Rosen bridge, also called the wormhole. The name of the bridge is certainly familiar to Marvel fans as it was mentioned in the movie Thor and became a bridge between Asgard and the entire galaxy.

Husin explained that the Einstein-Rosen bridge is a worm that connects two positions in space-time as a shortcut. The speed of Captain Marvel, for Husin, is related to this wormhole.

"It could be with the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, cross the" Einstein-Rosen Bridge "to reach the Earth as quickly as possible in a vast universe," said Husin.

Nevertheless, Husin stated that the Einstein-Rosen Bridge's life span was very short to allow the passage of objects. In other words, the Einstein-Rosen bridge will be closed quickly.

"Unless there are exotic materials with a negative mass that keep the Einstein-Rosen bridge, that means Captain Marvel has to contain exotic materials with a negative period," said Husin.

Husin also explained if it was possible to call Nick Fury before the dust reached Captain Marvel. According to him, what you need to know is the extent of Captain Marvel's location from the Earth.

"The question is where is Captain Marvel, if it is possible in our solar system, but if he is in Andromeda, the possibility of arriving will be very long, millions of years light unless the communication is passed on to Rosen Bridge as a shortcut, "said Husin.
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